Episode 10

Apologies for the outdated post, but like they say better late than never. This episode was recorded around the beginning of February. We talk about a cheaters in the beginning of 2017 season and a lot of other random fishing news in both kayak and pro boat series.

If you could add one angler to add to the MLF roster who would it be?
Clay votes add Bryan Thrift
Cody votes Larry the Legend


Episode 9

TKFP finally gets back into the studio and talks some random kayak fishing topics including but not limited to Hobie worlds, Texas Kayak Trail’s event on Fayette Lake this coming weekend 1/14/2017, and we babble on about the start of the Major League Fishing 2017 season.

Random topics:

1. Clay does everything but call his victories at a couple events of the Eastern New Mexico Kayak Fishing.
2. Chad Hoover says “Texas Tech or somebody like that that has a hard time winning” when referring to their chances to win the new KBF College Series. Watch here KBF Live YouTube video.
3. Clay and Cody pick their B.A.S.S Bass Master Classic winners. Clay picks Alton Jones Jr. and Cody Picks Jason Christie.
4. We try to talk 10 minutes of nothing to do with fishing segment. What do you think Clay’s YouTube History looks like?

Links to things we talked about:

Hobie Worlds
Hobie Worlds talk on Ike Live
Lone Start Kayak GuideFacebook Page
Texas Kayak Trail Events – Fayette Lake
North Texas Kayak Championship – Facebook Page – Events
Bass Landing Play Station 1 game that Clay still plays to this day.
Panhandle Fishing with Tank YouTube Channel
Tackle Warehouse Featured New Items – Bass Mafia boxes  – Strange New Trapper Tackle Hooks – Ymamoto Zako Swimbait

Episode 8

Clay Williamson and Cody Stewart call Beau Reed and talked everything from how he got started to what he could be fishing out of in 2017. Then we talked about winter fishing tactics and how to dress for the weather. Last but not least we wrap it up with a couple thievery stories in the Lubbock area.

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Episode 7

Another fun episode with 3 guests. It is a little longer episode, but there was a lot to talk about. We talked to Layne Grant about his Yak4It Tournament of Champions Open win and how he managed to find some big fish on what seemed to be a tough day on Lake Fork. He won a Hobie Revo 11 for his efforts courtesy of Mariner Sails and Hobie.

We also talk about the final result of the Tournament Of Champions and how we as anglers on the outside perceived the controversial final ending.

We also talk with Travis Perry about how he took a Hobie Pro Angler 17t towing a sled down the Devil’s River and how he missed the exit. Also talk to him about his recent weekends on O.H. Ivie and how he managed to place 2nd at the WTKF 2016 Alan Henry tournament.

Then we talk to Matt Ramey about the Eastern New Mexico Kayak Fishing tournament trail dates and what to expect for 2017.


Episode 6


This episode we are joined by 14 year old Jackson Kayak and Gambler Lures pro angler Basskickin Williams to talk about how he got started kayak fishing and how he got his sponsors. He also agrees that Clay is “tight lipped” about fishing spots. We also talk about the Kayak Angler Choice Awards and Texas Sharelunker stats.

Did you know Clay wants a solid gold Line Cutterz wedding ring and every night when he closes his eyes he goes to the Florida Keys. Cody sneaks in a Dumb and Dumber quote. Did you hear it?

Show Notes
Bass Kickin Williams Youtube, Bass Kickin Williams Instagram, Bass Kickin Williams Facebook
Mickey Ballz Youtube Channel
20 Ft Deep Guntersville Effect
2016 Kayak Angler Choice Awards
Greg Hackney Catches huge bass with live crappie

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Episode 5

In episode number 5 of “The Texas Kayak Fishing Podcast” we release exciting news about the WTKF 2017 trail. Also included is the reveal and discussion of each lake and the dates for the 2017 West Texas Kayak Fishing Trail. We also talk a little bit about the recent showdown between New Mexico vs Texas kayak tournament in Santa Rosa. Then we go over a little about Catch Photo Release (CPR) kayak fishing tournaments and how some allow phones and other require SD cards.

We apologies in advance for Clay’s singing.


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Episode 4

Clay and Cody talk a lot about general fishing topics including big fish being caught around the US, our favorite YouTube channels and kayak tournament pre-fishing tactics.

The trophy on the desk is going to go home to the winner of the upcoming Sept. 24 showdown in New Mexico where West Texas Kayak Fishing is taking on Eastern New Mexico in a kayak fishing challenge.


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Episode 3

Guest Matt Ramey drops by the studio to talk about our upcoming West Texas vs Eastern New Mexico Kayak Bass fishing tournament on Sept. 24th. We also talk about shallow water anchors, pros throwing baits that they are not sponsored by and of course a little trivia West Texas vs New Mexico style. There are bigger fish in Texas by the way!

Show Notes:

YouTube channels mentioned:
Matt Ramey/Caprock Outdoors
Bass Kickin Williams

Facebook Groups/Pages
Eastern New Mexico Kayak Fishing Page
West Texas Kayak Fishing
DFW Kayak Fishing Group – Red River Rivalry Talk
Kayak Anglers Of San Antonio Group

Baits/Lures Mentioned:
River 2 Sea Whopper Plopper
Storm Wiggle Wart

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Episode 2

2016 Kayak Fishing Episode 2

Cody and Clay discuss how the 2016 West Texas Kayak Fishing Angler of the Year was decided. We also give a recap of the 2016 as a whole with breakdown of every stop along the way. Special guest Valerie Grant calls in for a little B.A.S.S trivia and explain how she got into the kayak fishing scene. We also talk about the tragedy in DFW kayaking community and how fellow kayak anglers pitched in to help the victims families with over $13,000 dollars.

Show Notes:

Music: http://www.bensound.com
Song title Actionable

Episode 1

Clay and Cody interview the West Texas Kayak Fishing San Angelo Tournament winner Blake Cline. We learn Cody is horrible with names and Clay tries to get Cody to fish the last tournament of the year shirtless in a trucker hat out of a paddle kayak. We also reveal big ideas for the 2017 season, iCast 2016 talk, and what pro angler we would like to fish off their boat. Hear why Blake would choose Mike Iaconelli, Clay’s choice is Rick Clunn or Larry Nixon and Cody defends his picks G-Man Gerald Swindle like it is his little brother.