Episode 11

Clay and Cody talk a little bit about their hiatus from the studio and what they have been up to. Then we get into how big the Texas Kayak Fishing Tournament scene has become and how KATS had 166 anglers at their last tournament on Somerville Lake.  Then its onto a handful of other Lone Star State tournaments already in the books for 2017. We also talk about the kayak thief’s down south and the KBF 10 tournament results.

Clay gets on a soap box on why there should never be a tie in a Bass Fishing Tournament like there was at the KBF 10. Cody points out that if there can be co-champions in the Olympics then Bass Fishing there can be a tie.

Hear Cody almost has a heart attack when mic boom arm blows a spring.

If you like the way the way the Tournament fishing scene is heading in the great state of Texas make sure to show your love for the sponsors of each trail. Here is a list of all the sponsors that have helped out a couple up and coming trails in the North and Central Texas areas.

Sponsors for the NTXKC Trail

  1. Mariner Sails
  2. Supernova Lights
  3. Smith Optics
  4. KJ Custom Lures
  5. Optimum Air Co.
  6. Reno Reds
  7. Ardent Tackle LLC
  8. Himes Construction LLC
  9. G-Rods
  10. Steven Barber State Farm Insurance
  11. Bending Branches
  12. Sweetwater Brewery
  13. Clear Fork Custom Jigs
  14. www.Yakgear.com
  15. www.RailBlaza.com
  16. www.AllStarAutoSalon.com
  17. www.RimSpec.com

Sponsors for KASA

  1. Bizzytop Graphics
  2. Rhino Realty
  3. Wicked Flats Apparel
  4. Red Alert Lures
  5. TD1 Enterprises
  6. Outdoor Alphas
  7. Kip’s Seasonings
  8. Twisted Oak Outfitters
  9. Fin Addict Angler Foundation

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