Episode 18

The Texas Kayak Fishing Podcast is back to talk about tourney results and hit some recent hot topics in kayak bass fishing!  Unfortunately Cody couldn’t make it on this episode but have no fear, Clay and Valerie are here!

We start with recent tourney results from the Grandebass Big bass tournament that recently took place in Austin, and then we give huge props to the Cowtown Kayak Team tournament drive that took place on the same weekend in DFW.   Next we give a quick look at the Kayak Bass Nation top 25 results and Clay talks about a possible Texas 25 list.  Then we take a look at a BassResource article about selective harvesting, and Valerie makes it known that she is going to eat some bass next year.  After that we wrap it up talking about the pro’s and cons of having your kayak wrapped.

Be sure to listen in for good bass recipes and to find out about the freshest new dating site specifically designed for anglers!