Episode 18

The Texas Kayak Fishing Podcast is back to talk about tourney results and hit some recent hot topics in kayak bass fishing!  Unfortunately Cody couldn’t make it on this episode but have no fear, Clay and Valerie are here!

We start with recent tourney results from the Grandebass Big bass tournament that recently took place in Austin, and then we give huge props to the Cowtown Kayak Team tournament drive that took place on the same weekend in DFW.   Next we give a quick look at the Kayak Bass Nation top 25 results and Clay talks about a possible Texas 25 list.  Then we take a look at a BassResource article about selective harvesting, and Valerie makes it known that she is going to eat some bass next year.  After that we wrap it up talking about the pro’s and cons of having your kayak wrapped.

Be sure to listen in for good bass recipes and to find out about the freshest new dating site specifically designed for anglers!


Episode 17

Episode 17

 In this episode Valerie, Cody, and Clay get together via phone and chat about all things kayak fishing in Texas.  We start with a rundown of recent kayak tournament results from the Trinity Bass Battle, KBF Toledo Bend, and Cody and Valerie give a day by day breakdown of their Yak4it Tournament of Champions fishing experience. We also go a little off topic and talk Lubbock canyon Lakes, Cody’s weekend plans to fish Lake Alan Henry, and wrap it up hating on posers.

Episode 16

The Texas Kayak Fishing Podcast Crew is back to talk about recent events such as the Eastern NM vs West Texas annual tournament, the Lonestar Throwdown at Buchanan Lake, and the KATS Classic at Sam Rayburn.  We also discuss upcoming tournaments in 2017 and recently announced tournaments in 2018.  Last but not least we discuss a Hobie mirage drive rip-off, new kayaks hitting the market, and new aftermarket kayak parts.

Valerie makes it known that she beat Cody by a stout .25 inches on the official leaderboard at the Lonestar Throwdown.  Cody makes it known that he believes in quality brand name products over less expensive aftermarket products.  Clay seems to be in favor of cheap junk that doesn’t last and shows no mercy on patent infringement.  

Tune in for a good show full of outrageous claims, bold statements, and intense conversations about the sport of kayak fishing in the state of Texas.

Episode 15

We added a new co-host! Please welcome Valerie Grant to the show. Hopefully this will give us the ability to push out more content at the same time be a little more entertaining.

Of course we run through the Texas Kayak Tournament results and try to cover all the latest results and as always spend a little more time on the West Texas Kayak Fishing trail since that’s where we hail from. We also discuss a few trails 2018 trails and other upcoming events around the great state of Texas.

We try to convince Clay that the Hobie Mirage Drive 180 is worth every penny, but he wasn’t having any of it. It was like trying to sell ice to an Eskimo. #HATER

On episode 15 Clay educates Valerie and Cody on the Discontinued RC Lucky Craft crankbaits from way back in 2011ish. This is only something Clay would know.

Here are a few of the topics we mentioned during the show.

  1. Direction of KBF

Episode 14

We get caught up on the Texas Kayak fishing tournament scene and then just talk about random stuff like..

New Bonifide Kayaks built by YakAttak company that will be released at Icast on July 12-14 2017

New NuCanoe H2Pro Drive that you could literally mount anywhere. Even your refrigerator.

The Triangle theory used by Brandon Palaniuk to break down a fishery into productive zones. Watch it here.

Winner of the West Texas Kayak Fishing San Angelo Event gets TOC Open Fees paid for and 2 free nights at the Scenic 515 Cabins.

Episode 11

Clay and Cody talk a little bit about their hiatus from the studio and what they have been up to. Then we get into how big the Texas Kayak Fishing Tournament scene has become and how KATS had 166 anglers at their last tournament on Somerville Lake.  Then its onto a handful of other Lone Star State tournaments already in the books for 2017. We also talk about the kayak thief’s down south and the KBF 10 tournament results.

Clay gets on a soap box on why there should never be a tie in a Bass Fishing Tournament like there was at the KBF 10. Cody points out that if there can be co-champions in the Olympics then Bass Fishing there can be a tie.

Hear Cody almost has a heart attack when mic boom arm blows a spring.

If you like the way the way the Tournament fishing scene is heading in the great state of Texas make sure to show your love for the sponsors of each trail. Here is a list of all the sponsors that have helped out a couple up and coming trails in the North and Central Texas areas.

Sponsors for the NTXKC Trail

  1. Mariner Sails
  2. Supernova Lights
  3. Smith Optics
  4. KJ Custom Lures
  5. Optimum Air Co.
  6. Reno Reds
  7. Ardent Tackle LLC
  8. Himes Construction LLC
  9. G-Rods
  10. Steven Barber State Farm Insurance
  11. Bending Branches
  12. Sweetwater Brewery
  13. Clear Fork Custom Jigs
  14. www.Yakgear.com
  15. www.RailBlaza.com
  16. www.AllStarAutoSalon.com
  17. www.RimSpec.com

Sponsors for KASA

  1. Bizzytop Graphics
  2. Rhino Realty
  3. Wicked Flats Apparel
  4. Red Alert Lures
  5. TD1 Enterprises
  6. Outdoor Alphas
  7. Kip’s Seasonings
  8. Twisted Oak Outfitters
  9. Fin Addict Angler Foundation

Episode 10

Apologies for the outdated post, but like they say better late than never. This episode was recorded around the beginning of February. We talk about a cheaters in the beginning of 2017 season and a lot of other random fishing news in both kayak and pro boat series.

If you could add one angler to add to the MLF roster who would it be?
Clay votes add Bryan Thrift
Cody votes Larry the Legend


Episode 9

TKFP finally gets back into the studio and talks some random kayak fishing topics including but not limited to Hobie worlds, Texas Kayak Trail’s event on Fayette Lake this coming weekend 1/14/2017, and we babble on about the start of the Major League Fishing 2017 season.

Random topics:

1. Clay does everything but call his victories at a couple events of the Eastern New Mexico Kayak Fishing.
2. Chad Hoover says “Texas Tech or somebody like that that has a hard time winning” when referring to their chances to win the new KBF College Series. Watch here KBF Live YouTube video.
3. Clay and Cody pick their B.A.S.S Bass Master Classic winners. Clay picks Alton Jones Jr. and Cody Picks Jason Christie.
4. We try to talk 10 minutes of nothing to do with fishing segment. What do you think Clay’s YouTube History looks like?

Links to things we talked about:

Hobie Worlds
Hobie Worlds talk on Ike Live
Lone Start Kayak GuideFacebook Page
Texas Kayak Trail Events – Fayette Lake
North Texas Kayak Championship – Facebook Page – Events
Bass Landing Play Station 1 game that Clay still plays to this day.
Panhandle Fishing with Tank YouTube Channel
Tackle Warehouse Featured New Items – Bass Mafia boxes  – Strange New Trapper Tackle Hooks – Ymamoto Zako Swimbait