Episode 4

Clay and Cody talk a lot about general fishing topics including big fish being caught around the US, our favorite YouTube channels and kayak tournament pre-fishing tactics.

The trophy on the desk is going to go home to the winner of the upcoming Sept. 24 showdown in New Mexico where West Texas Kayak Fishing is taking on Eastern New Mexico in a kayak fishing challenge.


Music: http://www.bensound.com
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Episode 3

Guest Matt Ramey drops by the studio to talk about our upcoming West Texas vs Eastern New Mexico Kayak Bass fishing tournament on Sept. 24th. We also talk about shallow water anchors, pros throwing baits that they are not sponsored by and of course a little trivia West Texas vs New Mexico style. There are bigger fish in Texas by the way!

Show Notes:

YouTube channels mentioned:
Matt Ramey/Caprock Outdoors
Bass Kickin Williams

Facebook Groups/Pages
Eastern New Mexico Kayak Fishing Page
West Texas Kayak Fishing
DFW Kayak Fishing Group – Red River Rivalry Talk
Kayak Anglers Of San Antonio Group

Baits/Lures Mentioned:
River 2 Sea Whopper Plopper
Storm Wiggle Wart

Music: http://www.bensound.com
Song title Actionable